Why we do what we do ?

How HubLive was born

Once upon a time, Thomas and Julien, two young and handsome friends, were having their virtual coffee from a distance, they were expressing their exhaustion with their online activities, “It was inhuman” they said, they wanted to give life to their virtual coffee time and even to their virtual work activities.



That day, a ray of hope was sparked, their creativity hit the sky, they started to ask themselves! What if one day we could have that sensation of having a coffee together wherever we want and have that feeling of being together again?
That’s when Hublive was born.

Our values

01. Bye bye mobility issues

We want to give the chance to people especially to those with a disability to create their own virtual: workplace, school, event, and a lot more. We make it easier to work from home with your team and still feels real, without them having to stress about moving around.

Bye bye mobility issues
Efficiency is the key

02. Efficiency is the key

We want to help people and businesses to be more efficient, we are one who needed a tool that makes us more productive, and making sure that we’re doing our best to complete our tasks in the best way possible.

03. Feel close again

We care about mental health and making people feel connected and close again is one of our main priorities, and we make sure to put humanity at the heart of your tools.

Feel close again
The world in your hands

04. The world in your hands

We give our audience the freedom to be wherever they want to be, without having to move from their seat, and to unleash their creativity with a click.

Our team works day in and day out to elevate your virtual activity.