Where do you want to meet?

You are given the freedom to be wherever you want you only have to pick your backgrounds.

Where do you want to sit?

You can choose your meeting zones wherever you desire, and you will be able to wander around your space and engage in spontaneous conversations with others.

What do you want to do?

you can use your space for conference, class, meeting rooms, workspace and a lot more! Your choices are endless.

Shhht don’t tell anyone about this zone!

You can make your meeting zones private and only those with the keyword can enter, allowing you to keep your meeting safe and confidential.

Want to know how it went statistically?

Hublive gives you all the statistics on your virtual activity, you can now know how it went and track your performance.

What do you want to say when a guest enters?

By inserting an introduction video, you can guide your guests and make your virtual activity more immersive and fun.

What do you want to hear?

You can add background music that you want to vibe with, so you make it more immersive and fun.

Let’s experience Hublive together

Join us if you want a tour in Hublive and  experience how fast and easy it is to create a virtual world that you will never want to leave.

Do you want more information about HubLive?

We'll walk you through a quick demo to introduce our product and its brilliant features.